School Fundraising Ideas That Will Raise All the Money You Need

  • 2022-06-21
successful school fundraising
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Fundraising for school organizations can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking to raise money for a brand-new robotics team, build up student council funds, or just make sure there is enough money in the budget to support sports teams, it is essential that your goal of raising funds be met with success. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ideas out there that can help you do just that. In this blog post, we will explore some unique and effective school fundraising ideas that guarantee results so you can rest easy knowing that your organization has all the funding they need!

101 school fundraising ideas that will work for your school

  1. Collect Donations: Ask local businesses, friends, and family members to donate money or goods for a school fundraiser.
  2. Go Door-to-Door: Have students go door-to-door in the neighborhood to ask for donations or help out with tasks.
  3. Silent Auction: Ask local businesses and families to donate items for a silent auction at your school’s event or online.
  4. Event Ticket Sales: Sell tickets to an event, such as a play, comedy show, dinner night and more!
  5. Car Wash Fundraiser: Get together with friends and classmates to host a car wash fundraiser during summertime months – all proceeds can go towards your school’s cause!
  6. Bake Sale: Gather up recipes from classmates and their families to make delicious goodies for the bake sale.
  7. Raffle Event: Ask local businesses to donate prizes for a raffle event, then sell tickets leading up to the big drawing.
  8. Plant Sale: Host a plant sale at your school or online with plants donated by students or local nurseries.
  9. Clothing Drive: Collect gently used clothing items to be sold in a thrift store-style fundraiser at your school or online.
  10. Sports Game Night: Host an evening of sports-themed games and activities – charge admission, offer food and drinks and more!

Successful school fundraising: top tips and tactics

  • Start Early: Give your fundraising team and volunteers plenty of time to plan and execute their campaign. Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning—start early to maximize the amount of money raised.
  • Set Goals & Track Progress: Clearly define your fundraising goal, timeline, and budget and use these as a guide for planning events and activities. Make sure to track progress throughout the campaign to measure how close you are to achieving the goal.
  • Create an Action Plan: Develop an action plan with step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done to reach your goals. Assign tasks and deadlines for each volunteer or committee member to ensure accountability and success.
  • Utilize Online & Social Media Platforms: Use online and social media platforms to promote your fundraiser and share updates with the community. These are great tools for spreading awareness, engaging potential donors, and encouraging people to participate in your campaign.

effective school fundraising

  • Speak to Potential Donors Directly: Schedule meetings or phone calls with local businesses, families, alumni, and other individuals interested in donating to your school’s fundraiser. Explain why their support is important and how it will benefit the students.
  • Host Events: Organize bake sales, car washes, or raffles that you can use as opportunities for people to donate money directly to your cause.
  • Thank Supporters: Show your appreciation to those who contributed to your fundraiser by hosting a recognition event or sending out thank you cards and emails. This will show them that their donation was appreciated and motivate them to continue supporting the cause in the future.
  • Follow Up & Keep Records: Make sure to follow up with donors after the campaign ends, thank them for their support again. Additionally, keep records of all donations throughout the campaign, as this will help you track progress and measure success.
  • Celebrate Your Successes: After reaching your fundraising goal, celebrate with your volunteers and supporters! Host a party or ceremony to recognize everyone’s hard work and commitment to achieving success together.